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Flood vs. Sewer Drain Backup

Sewer & Drain vs. Flood Insurance

A flood involves rising waters, such as those caused by rain, melting snow, or overflow of a river. However, a homeowner’s or a commercial property policy does not cover it. The primary way to insure your home or commercial properties against flood is through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Sewer and drain backup on the other hand involves water that causes damage to to house and property as a direct result of a sewer or drain that backs up. Sewer and drain back up coverage can be purchased as an endorsement to your homeowner's and commercial policies.

Home insurance deductibles are changing

Check Your Ohio Homeowners Insurance Deductible As spring storms have come through some Cincinnati homeowners are finding damage that these storms have left behind. High winds and hailstorm damage is being found on homes across our area. Some homeowners are surprised to find out their homeowner’s insurance deductible that is now higher than it was when they signed up for their insurance policy. You ask how could that be?

Over the past several years, some home insurers in the state of Ohio have added a wind/hail percentage deductible on their policy renewals.

Pool Safety

It is that time of the year we are thinking of uncovering the pool and getting it ready for the summer season.  As an insurance agent I like to make sure my clients understand that they are open for a lawsuit any time they own a pool.  It is also important to have safety rules in place! Backyard swimming pools, while fun, provide serious swimming pool liability. The homeowner can be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that take place in or around the pool, even if the victim was trespassing, scaled a fence to access it, or otherwise used it without the homeowner's permission.

Home Inventory list is important

Settling an insurance claim after a loss is very stressful. Having the proper documentation can save homeowners from having added stress and may even save you thousands of dollars! 

1) Read you home insurance policy and discuss it with your agent.
2) You may need special endorsements for antiques, musical instruments, fire arms, jewelry, China, golf clubs etc... Make sure your agent knows about these type items.
3) Start with taking pictures or a video of the outside of your home.
4) Take photos or video of each room in your home.

Earthquake & Sewer Drain Insurance Coverage

Important Home Insurance Coverages

Things to consider when purchasing home insurance

The items listed below are some of the factors to consider when purchasing home insurance. Many variables go into a home insurance quote and policy.
1) How's the roof? New? Wind- and hail-resistant?
If the roof has not been updated in 25 years, you could have difficulty getting into anything but a high-risk, expensive insurance policy.
2) Is the plumbing new?
If the system is a quarter-century old or has had unresolved problems in the past, insurance providers will be hesitant to issue a policy.