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Church Insurance In Cincinnati

Affordable Church Insurance

Having the correct church insurance is so important! Not all insurance companies can insure a church properly! Being an agent that works with churches I often see where churches are very under insured! Since most churches do not have lots of money I believe the church insurance policy should be adequate in case there is a loss. It makes good business sense to get a quote to make sure in the event of a loss that the church will not be impacted financially to a point of having to ask the members to help cover the loss. If you have not seen your agent in the last few years you owe it to yourself to call Rutherford Insurance Agency. Contact us at 513-426-8515. We work for our clients! 

Chruch Insurance

When a church has a fire a contractor can certainty tell what the cost per square foot to rebuild the church building is going to be, however on the other hand a defense attorney cannot tell you with certainty what to expect in a serious liability lawsuit.

The worry of fire or natural disaster that destroys the church property is easy for church stewards to understand and be concerned with, taking the proper precautions in the event of such a disaster but the concerns of potential liability actions are not always as obvious until the unanticipated occurs.