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Auto Insurance In Cincinnati

Agency Signs With Foremost

Tim Rutherford 
Rutherford Insurance Agency
103 S. Walnut Street
Harrison, Ohio 45030
Phone: 513-452-3699


Tim Rutherford of Rutherford Insurance Agency is now offering superior insurance products from the Foremost Insurance Group of Companies, headquartered in Caledonia, Michigan. As a Foremost producer, Tim Rutherford will offer customers a wide range of insurance products. 
Foremost has been a leading insurer since 1952.

Am I covered in a rental moving truck?

Summertime is moving season
Summertime is peak season, an estimated of 20 million moves take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Often times the people moving are behind the wheels of large, unfamiliar vehicles. This often leads to wrecks. 
Some of the most common damage that is done to these large moving trucks is the drivers hitting overhead objects. People don't realize the height of the truck and crash into awnings, carports, bridges and even the drive-thru at fast food restaurants.

Auto Insurance In Cincinnati

Things that you need before an auto accident and what to do when you are in an accident.
Items to put in your care that you will need in the event of an accident:

1) Keep a set of warning triangles, or road flares in your car to alert traffic.
2) Make sure you have your insurance information 
3) Keep a pen and paper in your glove compartment at all times
What to do after the accident:

1) Remain calm.
2) Check to see if anyone is injured. If so, or if you’re not sure, call an ambulance.