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Auto Insurance Harrison Ohio

State Auto Insurance and Rutherford Insurance Agency

Rutherford Insurance Agency in Harrison, Ohio is now representing State Auto Insurance Company.  The State Auto Insurance Company has been in business since 1921 and their corporate office is located in Columbus, Ohio. 

Rutherford Insurance Agency decided to add State Auto Insurance to their portfolio because the company is very solid and offers great products at affordable rates. 

We provide insurance for auto, home, condo, renters,motorcycle, motor home, mobile home, boat, life, business and churches.

Flood vs. Sewer Drain Backup

Sewer & Drain vs. Flood Insurance

A flood involves rising waters, such as those caused by rain, melting snow, or overflow of a river. However, a homeowner’s or a commercial property policy does not cover it. The primary way to insure your home or commercial properties against flood is through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Sewer and drain backup on the other hand involves water that causes damage to to house and property as a direct result of a sewer or drain that backs up. Sewer and drain back up coverage can be purchased as an endorsement to your homeowner's and commercial policies.

Affordable Auto Insurance Harrison Ohio

Are you looking for affordable auto insurance?  Look no further! At Rutherford Insurance Agency we represent several insurance companies that have very affordable rates. It is very important to have the proper coverage too in order to avoid having to pay out of your pocket for damages you have done. To discuss your insurance needs please call us at 513-452-3699 or 859-575-2128.  We look forward to speaking with you and will provide you with several quotes to choose from.