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Rutherford - Insurance Agency


Thank you for being a caring agency.  The best agent and agency we have ever been insured with. Thank you!  Anita B.

This agency cared when our last agent never seemed to even return calls. 
Thank you so very much!  Thomas C.

We saved over $600.00 changing to the agency. Thank you so much!  
Riley M.

Our claim was taken care of without any issues and the agency was there all the way!  
James T.

Being a realtor I send all of our clients to be taken care of at Rutherford Insurance.  Everyone that I send there always has a great experience!  Thank you for taking great care of my clients!  Rita A.

I love the fact I can contact the agency after hours via a cell phone or text and they always reply very quickly!  Tiffany D.

Being in car sales it is hard to find someone that will help our customers.  You always do a great job. Thank you for your prompt customer service!   Ryan S.

This is one agency I have no problems referring my friends and family to.  Thank you!  
Kelly M.

Being in the mortgage business I find that clients often times do not understand home insurance.  I was referred to Rutherford Insurance as a source that my clients could use.  I am very happy to send my clients to them.  All of the clients have told me that the agency was very professional and they answered all of their questions, and were very patient with them.  Thank you for helping my clients.  Matt R.