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Do you need a Cincinnati Street Contractor Bond? 
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This is one of the many types of bonds our agency writes. 

A surety bond is a three-party arrangement between a contractor or business the principal, the project owner and the surety. The bond guarantees that the principal completes all contractual obligations to the oblige and if the principal can’t fulfill the obligations, the surety is responsible for making things right.

Contract Surety
A contract surety bond guarantees to the owner of a construction project that the contractor will perform the work specified by the contract. Contractors are required to post surety bonds for all federal or state projects, and for most local public projects.

Commercial Surety
Commercial bonds ensure that businesses and professionals adhere to all codes and regulations, as well as perform the work as required by statute or contract.

Fidelity Bond
Our agency can also help with non-construction contract and supply bonds, along with fidelity.  While fidelity bonds are a form of surety, the protection they provide are more like traditional insurance coverages, and guards against employee dishonesty. 

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