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Medicare Supplement
Medicare supplements are offered by private insurance companies. 

Original Medicare is provided by the government and covers some of the costs of hospital stays (Part A) and doctors visits (Part B). It does not cover everything. 

Medicare will not cover 100% of your medical bills.  Medicare covers about 80% of medical expenses.  As people age health problems can appear and more medical bills can be incurred. Without a Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plan it is possible to be stuck with a huge medical bill.  You will be stuck with a 20% bill because Medicare will only pay 80%.  This is why many people choose to get a Medicare Supplement Plan to help them avoid getting a huge medical bill that can happen from a hospital stay or other medical expense.

Below is a link that you can click on that will allow you to obtain some quotes for a Medicare Supplement plan through Mutual Of Omaha.

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