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Dental & Vision Insurance 

Rutherford Insurance Agency provides our clients with dental and vision insurance through Ameritas. Individual and family dental and vision insurance is an affordable way to maintain your dental and vision health when you do not have coverage through an employer or if you are retired. 

To get a free quote for dental or vision insurance give our office a call at 513-452-3699.

Affordable dental insurance available for individuals and families through Rutherford Insurance Agency located in Sharonville, Ohio. Call today or visit our web site for a quote.

Did you know oral health has a huge impact on your overall health?  Make sure you visit the dentist twice a year for your regular cleaning!  If you have Ameritas dental insurance, you’ll never need to worry about the cost, because preventive care is covered at 100% from day one when you visit a network provider. Contact us today to learn more.