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Church Insurance 

At Rutherford Insurance Agency, we realize that not every church or worship center is the same. That is why we are dedicated to providing the right church insurance for you. As a faith-based insurance agency, we have years of experience providing insurance for churches, and we understand the unique worship-related risks involved. Our agency provides coverage for many churches throughout Ohio and Kentucky. Contact us for a quote and free policy review. 
Your church policy should include the following coverage's listed below! Many times policies do not have this important coverage!

Insurance available from the Pews to Stained Glass: 

Here are some coverage's of a church Insurance policy:

  • Your church - This includes the building, contents, lighting and furnishings, the pews or seats, stained glass
  • The Equipment - This might include your sound or amplification system.
  • Supplies - These might include Sunday School material, Bibles, paper, pens, choir robes, candles etc..
Professional Liability Insurance

This coverage protects the Church, the Clergy, and the Administration when an organization interacts with the public, it can become vulnerable to claims that allege the church caused some kind of damages or financial loss due to a mistake, an oversight, or some other type of error. Pastoral counseling requires its own special coverage on your policy. This type of coverage protects you in the event of a lawsuit. The person being counseled may claim your counseling caused them some kind of harm. Usually the coverage protects the counselor from claims of bodily injury, emotional injury, or personal injury that arise from counseling services.

Sexual Abuse & Molestation 

This coverage, like the rest of your Professional Liability Insurance package, can help the church pay for legal defense, judgments, and settlements.
Director and Officer

If your church or religious organization is run by a board of directors or officers you may want to consider having Directors and Officers Insurance as part of your policy.This kind of coverage protects your church from claims made as a result of an action that a director, officers, or board member made on behalf of the church. 

Umbrella Insurance

This coverage provides extra Protection. The insurance allows churches and other religious organizations to extend the coverage of their insurance plan. This type of coverage boosts the limits of many of your policies - including General Liability and Commercial Auto - for one low monthly premium. Essentially, Umbrella Insurance provides extra protection in the event that your church faces a claim that is more expensive than the limits of its primary policy.
Whether your church has one bus, or an entire fleet of buses, your ministry needs auto liability insurance. Insurance can be purchased for school bus type vehicles and for passenger vans. 

If you church provide vehicles for your ministry staff you need auto liability insurance. 

Vehicles used in the ministry represent one of the most serious liability exposures. Our church policies offers many different commercial auto coverage features and options, designed for ministries of all sizes. Commercial auto policies help protect against vehicle related losses. 

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage
Many churches own or rent vehicles to provide transportation to their members, students, volunteers, and others in the community. Your church may organize youth outings or other events and a car or bus may be rented to help with transportation. 

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance 
This coverage is for vehicles that you rent, do not own, or are not registered in your church's name. In the event of an accident, both types of coverage can help you pay for vehicle repair or replacement, legal costs, and medical bills. 

Our agency also will help your church implement a safety program.

With this program we will review with the leaders of the church the the steps needed to work toward having a safer church! Your church can make dramatic improvements in the way it protects people and property. 
We work to ensure your insurance coverage is tailored to match your individual needs and requirements. Give us a call to learn more about church liability insurance. We would be honored to help you navigate through the church insurance process!
** All new clients will receive a free gift from Rutherford Insurance Agency after the purchase of a policy!  It is a very nice 3 ring binder that has forms that churches can utilize to make sure they have the necessary documentation to use to protect the ministry in today's litigious society that we live in. An example is consent forms for transportation, background checks,counseling, marriage counseling, field trips, incident forms, safety forms,financial forms, inventory forms, sample church policy and procedures manual etc... This binder has helped many churches become organized and helped put policies and procedures in place to help reduce their liability risks. 


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